Ominous Warning: Russian Air Power in Ukraine


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  1. Hello Boresight,

    I have stumbled across a blog/site with a similar goal to yours. I do not know the name author of this blog, but the level of detail is somewhat staggering and might be worth investigating his arguments. The blog is called American Innovation

    I am most curious to see your reaction to his statements about Russian mastery of basic fighter technologies, how they factor into Russian fighter design, and the degree to which their pilots are trained. I will state one important thing about the author's beliefs, he might believe that IRST is about as equally effective in all altitudes (whereas we know otherwise). If you could post in response to his articles, I would also be very interested to here them and the underlying logic. (I do not know if he knows about the better than 1:1 kill ratio for Russian vets in MiG-15s vs US vets in F-86s)

    Sincerely, and with great anticipation,

  2. Hi Cameron,
    Yes – American Innovation is a large amount of material. It is true that Russian fighter pilots since the fall of the USSR as a group - do not get enough training.

    Russian fighter design has always stressed things like keeping costs down, ruggedness, simplicity, and requirements due to immense Russian geography. Russian heavy lift rockets still use kerosene – they’re simple, reliable, lift heavy payloads and cheaper than western designs.

    Yes most western sources have missed the real story of the Korean air war. It is all part of the pan-America myth making that has gotten America is trouble from Vietnam to Iraq and elsewhere. F-86 vets were downing scores of green Chinese and North Korean pilots with both China/NK having no history of air combat proficiency – zero.


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