Russian Tactical Adaption : Russo-Ukrainian War

Northrop B-21 Raider Rollout

 "Any survey of the free world's defense structure cannot fail to impart a feeling of regret that so much of our effort and resources must be devoted to armaments." Dwight D. Eisenhower. State of the Union, 1959.

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07-Dec, 2022: The USAF finally unveils its Northrop B-21 Raider bomber to the world. Presumably a modernized and lower-cost version of the Northrop B-2 Spirit bomber. 

There isn't much for us to say about the debut except that this has been in the works for some time. We'll leave it to others to spill ink on this new program. Suffice it to say we believe the B-21 might make an excellent 6th-generation stealth fighter.


Because of think tank conclusions like this one published in 2015 called 'Trends in Air-to-Air Combat: Implications for Future Air Superiority' published by the Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments (CSBA): 

The CSBA study concluded that air superiority no longer requires traditional fighter-plane attributes, especially high speeds, and maneuverability. That WVR engagements are a thing of the past. Only BVR engagements are needed.

In our view, the B-21 is perfectly suited to the conclusion(s) from the 2015 CSBA study. 

See below:

We'll let you be the judge if you believe the CSBA study has merit. 

If you do - then we think the Northrop B-21 Raider is a perfect platform for CSBA's vision of air superiority.

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  1. I wonder if the B-21 would by capable of acting as a stealth AWACS, their were comments of the Raider having next gen reconessance and security capabilities.
    If so it could give the air force an advantage and negate the anti-AWAC's strategies you've suggested in earlier blogs.

    Also why would B-21 be used as a fighter when NGAD exists?

    1. The problem with using a stealth object as an AWACS is the massive electromagnetic emissions it would produce. Think of a rotating radar-spectrum light house beam. So a weapon can home in on those emissions. Effectively home on jam. Forcing the AWACS to turn off its radar and conduct some type of escape maneuver - means it cant contribute to the battle any longer - mission accomplished mitigating the AWACS asset.

      The B-21 program officials will make the pitch that the B-21 can to the NGAD mission better - according to the 2015 CSBA study - because of its longer combat range and radius and higher weapons payload than NGAD. - Boresight

  2. Hello Boresight;

    I wonder if you have any ideas about Ukraines recent strikes on Russian airfields, and the effects it could have if more deepstrike missions are deployed.

    1. Ukraine fired Soviet Tu-141 drone(s). We don't know how many were fired and the Russian claim that only Tu-141 aerial wreckage hit the base. Our hypothesis is that Russian AD were manually configured (Doppler gates opened) to defend against stall-speed propeller drones (aka TB2s class) and the Tu-141 was consequently lost in the clutter and slipped past. But this is conjecture at this point. According to Oryx, Kiev's entire fleet of 14 Bayraktar TB2s - have been lost. - Boresight

    2. Attacking a russian base that deploys nukes - is very reckless. The Russia doctrine means it could use nukes in response. They won't. On the TB2s - when we say lost - we actually mean they are confirmed destroyed. - Boresight

    3. How do we know it was a Tu-141, have Russias claims been verified? Also these are the same platform firing air launched cruise missiles into Ukraine, is there the chance that a Ukrainian missile counterwar could inhibit Russia's ability to launch high volumes of more sofisticated missiles into Ukraine.
      Also what other targets could Ukraine hit if this proves repeatable? Russian trainlines, heating, power, recruitment and training bases?

    4. Tu-141 drone is the most likely - Ukraine had lots of these and has used them before early in the war. Ukrainian TB2 losses have been verified at 14 destroyed. See Oryx for that.

  3. Boresight is there any chance because of China, India will be allowed to purchase these bombers if it went far enough ahead with attempt to purchase Russian bombers for its Air Force

    Maybe when Trump is the president?


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