Russian Tactical Adaption : Russo-Ukrainian War

Israeli-Hamas Conflict 2023

Newly published F-15Is of 69 Sqn armed with 500-lb Mk-82 GP bombs (Stations LCT-1/-2/-3 & RCT-1/-2/-3) and 2,000-pound class GBU-31 JDAMs (Stations 2 & 8).

[Above] IAF F-16I of 107 Squadron "Knights of the Orange Tail" armed with four 2,000-pound class GBU-31 JDAMs. Also seen armed with a pair of Python 4/5s and a pair of AIM-120s.

We have been watching the horrific events unfolding in Israel and Gaza this week. 

The IDF Air Force activity is well represented elsewhere, so we will not begin to report on events as of yet. 

However, if the situation warrants we may start.

Hamas's actions did not advance the plight of the Palestinians. 

Instead, Hamas has signed Gaza's death warrant.

The Netanyahu government also will not survive.

101st ‘The First Fighter’ Sqn F-16C Block 40 from Hatzor air base departs on a mission against Hamas tunnels on May 18. An indigenous Spice-2000 precision-guided buster bomb gives its mission profile away. IAF/Amit Agronov

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